Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alban Arthuran-Winter Solstice

The morning of rebirth began with an obscure fog which of course is  natural for the moment of the mother's delivery in progress. If true to nature a mother knows not what her child will be she only wishes and hopes for a easy birth of a healthy baby

Did our mother produce such a child?
Indeed she did! This newborn is of purity! The sunrise is white thus foretelling

2014 will be a fanatic year with much changes. As we begin our journey into the new Aquarian age we leave the wormhole tunnel we entered in last winter solstice of 2012.

2013 was our last change to remove, cleanse and clear out any negative vibrations, emotions, people and situations

2014 purifies all that we released in 2013.

As we walk in this new light of the new age we transfer all that has been to prime creator to be given in an act of surrender.

We receive new seeds of light to embark upon our journey for each and every soul that dwells on this planet Earth will come to know their own soul and higher self. They will learn to co-operate with both in unity in order to live on this blue star terrain.

Sacrifices are rarely made and those that are will be in good order for the benefit of all.

Live in Peace, Live in Unity and most of all Live in Love.

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