Friday, October 30, 2009

Mists of the Dead

This month has been unique due to its weather or shall we say the Mists due to arrival of the Dead.

The Mists have laden our beautiful mountain side presenting the late Autumn in her coat of glory as the Dark Goddess processes forth with with her entourage of souls who journey from the Isle of Avalloch to our dimensional stronghold to snack upon the crops that lies abandoned in the fields while feasting on our burdens, ills and bones that cause much dismay in our lives. Mists represent movement from the otherworld and back, thus requiring a circle of protection on our part. Mists also signify time enshrouded darkness, a change of season from Autumn to Winter. Mists also provide a cloak for us to wrap up in while we descend further into the deepest recess of our soul.

Mists speak: "We, the fine spray of water dominating the earth lands, come in peace to cover the range, spending energy to transmute the ordinary into the un-ordinary to provide the magical scene that human kind yearn for. Souls enjoy journeying through time and space to inhabit the earth and to be with their departed at this time of year, we the mists provide the vehicle necessary for their transport."

I love to wander outside during the shower of Mists to explore, to revive and navigate through my life seeking advice from nature upon the next step of my path.

Take some time to walk through the Mists as they venture forth and mediate on what it means to you.

Blessed Samhain/Calan Gaeaf
Dyddgu /|\

Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn in the High Country

"Beneath a shivering canopy reclined, Of aspen leaves that wave without a wind, I love to lie, when lulling breezes stir The spiry cones that tremble on the fir."
-John Leyden-Noontide

Autumn in the High Country is a spectacular site! Aspen trees splash their golden foliage of color amongst the pines near Victor, Colorado. Frost and snow have been recorded in this area and it won't be long before the these magnificent trees stand bare along the mountain range. Their display lasts a couple weeks during the fall and is irresistible to view!

A month ago pine murmured it's desire for it's fragrance to to be inhaled upon to sooth the emotions (energy in motion) running rampant within in our hearts and souls. Aspen quavers gently to gain attention by vibrating tranquility the land and self to create peace within our will and expression.

To commune with aspen, ground and center self by anchoring light from source and from earth by drawing the energy into the body from both the feet and crown chakra then form a vortex in the heart chakra and maintain this energetic hold. Shift consciousness to focus on a single gold aspen leaf while listening to the wind rustle up a breeze to quake the aspens. As the leaves quiver in the zephyr, immerse self into this wondrous song, after a few minutes of self absorption, inquire silently what it is that the heart desires to transform then expand this golden ray from the heart through out the body into the earth and out into the universe enjoy the moment for all that it is. Gently bring your awareness to the present and breathe.

Delight in a tree elixir of Aspen to enhance the experience.
Aspen is kown as edhadh (Irish) and aethnen (Welsh)

Photo & text copyright (C) 2009-Nature Speaks to Me!
Excluding quote by John Leden

Thursday, October 1, 2009


"You have moved from a field of Duality into a field of Triality." says the group. "Your light and dark are being balanced by a new light. A stronger connection to your higher self will give you new perspective on all that lies before you."-

What exactly is Triality? Its a new light that is blessing the earth and her inhabitants for the next couple of weeks. It is energy that completes the triple aspect of our nature.
I was taking my morning walk on September 29th, 2009, when I turned my head to the rising sun and I noticed the dawn was different than I have experienced before, and I thought to myself what is this and what is going on? It was that same morning that I awoke from various images of black that was seated next to the same images but of white yet a small light shone through. I was unable to decipher what the dream meant until I received an email from explaining a bit about the activation. That was my aha moment! This morning I took time to meditate on Triality and I received information that was crucial to this attunement. Obviously the energy is pouring in at this very moment reaching all those who are ready to receive it which means that we the people can receive energy from source with out having to be attuned to it by another human. All we have to do is be open to receive the information and energy by meditating upon it. Sounds simple? It is. I will be posting more about Triality, self attunements including Reiki and other energy systems that seem to be dependent upon human transfers. Stay tuned!
Dyddgu /|\
An excerpt from the email: