Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn in the High Country

"Beneath a shivering canopy reclined, Of aspen leaves that wave without a wind, I love to lie, when lulling breezes stir The spiry cones that tremble on the fir."
-John Leyden-Noontide

Autumn in the High Country is a spectacular site! Aspen trees splash their golden foliage of color amongst the pines near Victor, Colorado. Frost and snow have been recorded in this area and it won't be long before the these magnificent trees stand bare along the mountain range. Their display lasts a couple weeks during the fall and is irresistible to view!

A month ago pine murmured it's desire for it's fragrance to to be inhaled upon to sooth the emotions (energy in motion) running rampant within in our hearts and souls. Aspen quavers gently to gain attention by vibrating tranquility the land and self to create peace within our will and expression.

To commune with aspen, ground and center self by anchoring light from source and from earth by drawing the energy into the body from both the feet and crown chakra then form a vortex in the heart chakra and maintain this energetic hold. Shift consciousness to focus on a single gold aspen leaf while listening to the wind rustle up a breeze to quake the aspens. As the leaves quiver in the zephyr, immerse self into this wondrous song, after a few minutes of self absorption, inquire silently what it is that the heart desires to transform then expand this golden ray from the heart through out the body into the earth and out into the universe enjoy the moment for all that it is. Gently bring your awareness to the present and breathe.

Delight in a tree elixir of Aspen to enhance the experience.
Aspen is kown as edhadh (Irish) and aethnen (Welsh)

Photo & text copyright (C) 2009-Nature Speaks to Me!
Excluding quote by John Leden

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