Friday, October 30, 2009

Mists of the Dead

This month has been unique due to its weather or shall we say the Mists due to arrival of the Dead.

The Mists have laden our beautiful mountain side presenting the late Autumn in her coat of glory as the Dark Goddess processes forth with with her entourage of souls who journey from the Isle of Avalloch to our dimensional stronghold to snack upon the crops that lies abandoned in the fields while feasting on our burdens, ills and bones that cause much dismay in our lives. Mists represent movement from the otherworld and back, thus requiring a circle of protection on our part. Mists also signify time enshrouded darkness, a change of season from Autumn to Winter. Mists also provide a cloak for us to wrap up in while we descend further into the deepest recess of our soul.

Mists speak: "We, the fine spray of water dominating the earth lands, come in peace to cover the range, spending energy to transmute the ordinary into the un-ordinary to provide the magical scene that human kind yearn for. Souls enjoy journeying through time and space to inhabit the earth and to be with their departed at this time of year, we the mists provide the vehicle necessary for their transport."

I love to wander outside during the shower of Mists to explore, to revive and navigate through my life seeking advice from nature upon the next step of my path.

Take some time to walk through the Mists as they venture forth and mediate on what it means to you.

Blessed Samhain/Calan Gaeaf
Dyddgu /|\

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