Thursday, October 1, 2009


"You have moved from a field of Duality into a field of Triality." says the group. "Your light and dark are being balanced by a new light. A stronger connection to your higher self will give you new perspective on all that lies before you."-

What exactly is Triality? Its a new light that is blessing the earth and her inhabitants for the next couple of weeks. It is energy that completes the triple aspect of our nature.
I was taking my morning walk on September 29th, 2009, when I turned my head to the rising sun and I noticed the dawn was different than I have experienced before, and I thought to myself what is this and what is going on? It was that same morning that I awoke from various images of black that was seated next to the same images but of white yet a small light shone through. I was unable to decipher what the dream meant until I received an email from explaining a bit about the activation. That was my aha moment! This morning I took time to meditate on Triality and I received information that was crucial to this attunement. Obviously the energy is pouring in at this very moment reaching all those who are ready to receive it which means that we the people can receive energy from source with out having to be attuned to it by another human. All we have to do is be open to receive the information and energy by meditating upon it. Sounds simple? It is. I will be posting more about Triality, self attunements including Reiki and other energy systems that seem to be dependent upon human transfers. Stay tuned!
Dyddgu /|\
An excerpt from the email:

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